Nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, sleep & stress management are at the core of our philosophy.

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Nutrition coaching meets advanced lab testing.

Pure nutrition coaching can leave you ‘flying blind’, addressing nutrient deficiencies you think you have, without having tested for them. Our tests take the guesswork out of the equation.

Multidisciplinary perspective.

You have access to a world-class care team of highly qualified physicians and nutritionists, in a convenient telemedicine format.

“Nutrition is key. We can’t do everything with food, but we can’t do anything without it. You cannot replace it with supplements. You cannot exercise it away. It's the foundation we build the house on in root-cause medicine. It's not an adjunct. It's the foundation.”

Holly Niles, MS, CNS, LDN, IFMCP
Nutritionist & Medical Advisory Board

Our approach to nutrition.

Nutrition is at the core of our treatment plans. Our nutritionists work closely with our physicians, and insights from your advanced lab test results, to build an informed approach to better your health. Here is what you can expect from your coaching sessions:

Hyper Personalized.

Asking the right questions.
Your nutrition coach will take a deep dive into your life by asking a lot of questions. What is hunger like for you? Do you have any food aversions? Have you dieted before joining Index? How does a typical day of food look like for you? And many more.
Getting to know you.
The goal is to understand “where food shows up in your life” so that we can start building a healing approach that is hyper personalized to you.
Leaving no stone unturned.
We look at many factors beyond nutrition, such as lifestyle factors, stress levels, family history, and much more.


Building long-term habits.
We help you create long-lasting changes in your life, and not just force you to stick to a diet that leads to unhelpful internal dialogue like “I’m good or bad, I cannot have this.”
Empowering you to grow.
We want to help you realize that you become what you eat, and empower you to build a healthy relationship with food.
Meeting you where you are.
We help you make changes that are the right mix of challenging but doable, so you can consistently make healthier changes and gain confidence.


Taking you by the hand.
Change is not easy. But we believe as long as you can say “I want to change” we can help you, one step at a time.
Tapping into intrinsic motivation.
Our coaches try to understand what motivates you as an individual, and help you tap into your intrinsic motivation to transform your lifestyle and nutrition habits.
Learning practical skills.
Stuckness can come from many places: Not being a good cook, or knowing what to food to buy. We empower you through engaging learning materials, shopping lists, recipes and much more.

How long till I feel changes?

This depends on mainly on 2 factors: Complexity and compliance. How complex your health situation is, and how compliant you can be with the new nutrition and lifestyle changes. Don’t worry though - we have a lot of experience in this and patients usually experience a green light moment, within 3 months. Gut healing can also be looked at in 3 months increments.

Why are appointments 60 minutes in duration?

We take 60 minutes because we want to get to know YOU on a deeper level. Nutrition is interwoven with your life - we need to learn what drives you to link nutrition changes to that drive.

Ready to take control of your health?