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Tammy Cherniausky

Clinical Expertise.

Working with patients in both functional medicine and chronic wound care settings. Specializing in patient education on lifestyle changes that promote overall health as well as providing encouragement and support during each patient’s journey to wellness.

Ask me about

How my personal experience as a functional medicine patient impacted my health and ultimately led me to a nursing career in functional medicine.

  • ADN - Registered Nurse
  • BBA - Management Information Systems
Why I practice at Index Health.

Functional medicine has had such a positive impact on my personal life, and working with a team of knowledgeable and specialized professionals at Index Health is such a blessing.  The goal at Index is to prevent and reverse disease with programs specifically tailored to each patient. I experienced this firsthand during my health journey in functional medicine several years ago.  The medical staff was instrumental to my success, and I am very thankful to now be a part of a team working closely with patients to achieve their health goals.

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