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What is Hashimoto's?

It is an autoimmune condition, where the immune system is attacking healthy tissue, leading to the death of the thyroid's hormone-producing cells. The disease usually results in a decline in hormone production (hypothyroidism).Those at increased risk include women, middle aged status, prior history of autoimmune conditions, family history, excessive iodine intake, prior radiation exposure.

Hashimoto's Symptoms
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Hypothyroid symptoms
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Fatigue, cold sensitivity, dry skin, constipation, hair thinning/loss, nail changes, weight gain, fertility problems, and/or menstrual changes
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Some people may experience a fullness/swelling on the front part of the throat
Commonly used names
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Hashimoto's thyroiditis
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Chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis
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Chronic autoimmune thyroiditis

What tests does Index Health typically use to diagnose Hashimoto's?

We consider a variety of factors for the diagnosis, which may include:
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Thyroid function panels, including TSH, Free T3, reverse T3, and Free T4.
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Thyroid antibody levels.
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These labs are followed as indicators of treatment success as well.

What is our approach to treating those diagnosed with Hashimoto's?

Our Hashimoto's treatment approach is entirely personalized to the individual. It may include:
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Gut Health optimization:
Absorption of nutrients for optimal thyroid hormone creation, fixing leaky gut, fixing unbalanced bacteria, treating any fungal/bacterial/parasitic infections
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Nutrition changes:
Remove potential food triggers, optimize foods to support the mitochondria (energy making cells), improve antioxidant status, test for and treat nutrient deficiencies
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Check for chronic infections & exposures:
Some common offenders can include viral, parasitic & fungal infections, as well as toxins like heavy metals, mold, and environmental toxins.
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Improve detox:
Sweating, to urine and bowel function, to lymphatic function, to methylation and glutathione, we aim to help out the body’s ability to clear detox pathways.
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Address any stress management or sleep issues.

How long does it take to reduce and manage Hashimoto's symptoms? What are possible results?

The timeline to improvement depends on the underlying cause, but most people will notice some positive trends in symptoms within 3-6 months. The goals of treatment include resolution of symptoms, with accompanying improvement in lab tests.

What happens if you don’t manage Hashimoto's properly?
Known complications of Hashimoto’s include:
Goiter (an enlargement of the thyroid), heart problems, mental health issues, sexual and reproductive dysfunction in both males and females, Myxedema.

Meet Lisa, who was put on Thyroid medication while pregnant. Lisa wanted to get off medication.

We addressed her inability to detox and began to fix abnormal bacterial growth in her microbiome (Klebsiella) while boosting the gut immune system (low sIgA).

"I have never had a doctor spend so much time preparing for our appointment by extensively analyzing all of my lab work from the past several years and putting together a comprehensive plan." - Lisa

0 Meds.
That Rebecca is still taking.
Lowered symptoms.

How it works.

We don’t believe that medical care should be a mystery to the patient. We’re here with you every step of the way, to understand our process and the reasoning behind your treatment.


We (really) get to know you.

We dedicate time to understanding your genetics, history, lifestyle, and goals. Combined with advanced lab tests, our functional medicine approach gives you in-depth information about your health and body.


Identify the root cause.

We identify and address the root cause of disease and plan for prevention and long-term health using functional medicine-based changes in nutrition, lifestyle, and targeted supplements.


Ongoing support and tracking.

With proactive 30-60 min functional medicine appointments, primary care, unlimited messaging, and mini-visits, we make sure that you achieve your health goals.

12 month membership.

Here’s what’s included in a year:

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5 clinician visits (60 min each).
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3 nutritionist visits (45 min each).
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Access to advanced lab testing.
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100% personalized treatment plan.
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Unlimited messaging.
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Primary care and ongoing support.
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Why Index Health is the better choice.

Index Health sees each patient as a whole person who deserves a support system and a treatment plan that now addresses the root problem and prevents further issues.

Root cause approach.

Functional medicine gets to the root cause of your condition using advanced lab tests, data, and specialist physicians, rather than just treating the symptom.

100% personalized.

Personalized functional medicine plans are 100% unique and tailored to your body and needs! Plans primarily include nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Ongoing support.

Get ongoing support from your dedicated functional medicine staff and Advanced Primary Care, retesting, follow-up appointments, therapy, and more.

asked questions.

Where is Index Health available?

At the current time, Index Health is only available through telemedicine in the state of Florida. All from the comfort of your home.

Stay tuned for updates on new availabilities across the USA and abroad. Follow us on social-media for updates: @IndexHealthUSA

Can I use Index Health for Advanced Primary Care?

Yes. Advanced Primary Care at Index Health focuses on prevention and health planning using personalized health plans from genomics and lab test data. Your physician may recommend that you see a specialist for certain conditions. We're available from 9:00 AM-5:00 PM Monday's through Thursdays, and 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM on Fridays.  

Can I use my HSA/FSA to pay for Index Health?

Yes. Index Health membership is considered a medically eligible expense therefore, it can be paid for via an HSA/FSA.

Does Index Health accept insurance, Medicare or Medicaid?

We can provide functional medicine help for patients eligible to receive Medicare/Medicaid benefits; however, the cost of patient treatment received from Index Health cannot be billed to Medicare/Medicaid by the member holding the insurance policy or us. In this case, we will require you to sign an ABN (Advance Beneficiary Notice of Non-coverage), which will waive your right to bill Medicare or Medicaid.

What's the cancellation policy?

- You can cancel after your first appointment at no additional costs.
- If you cancel later in your membership, we will calculate the difference between the appointments you already had, and the membership fees you paid, to either charge or reimburse you the difference.

- Paid $129 for the trial, canceled after the first appointment. No additional cost.
- Paid $487 for the first 3 months ($129+$179+$179), and had 2 doctor appointments & 1 nutritionist appointments. The cost of those appointments is $802, so you would have to pay $315 ($802-$487).
- Paid $666 for the first 4 months ($129+$179+$179+179), had 1 doctor appointment & 1 nutritionist appointment. Cost of those appointments is $494, so we would reimburse you the difference of $172 ($666-$494)

If you have any questions or are looking to cancel your membership, please get in touch at hello@indexclinic.com.

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