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What are Migraines?

Migraines are episodes of severe headaches generally associated with nausea and/or light and sound sensitivity. They may be preceded by a “prodrome,” or sense that the headache is about to occur marked by seemingly random symptoms; an “aura,” or focal neurological symptoms apart from the headache; and followed by a “postdrome,” or series of symptoms that perpetuate after the headache subsides.

Common Migraine Symptoms
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Prodrome, aura and postdrome
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Migraine headaches tend to be very personal
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Excessive facial or body hair
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Weight gain, particularly around the abdomen
Types of Migraines
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Migraine with brainstem aura
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Hemiplegic migraine
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Retinal migraine
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Vestibular migraine
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Chronic migraine
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Status migrainosus

What tests does Index Health use to diagnose Migraines?

We consider a variety of factors for the diagnosis, which may include:
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Assessment of physician to see if your headaches are not better accounted for by some other condition
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The role of testing and laboratory studies is more often used to discern what biological and metabolic disturbances may be antecedents, triggers, or mediators of the inflammatory response that occurs in migraine

What is our approach to treating those with Migraines?

Our Migraines treatment approach is entirely personalized to the individual. It may include:
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Optimizing diet and sleep quality, correcting nutritional deficiencies, ruling out dysfunction in the body’s ability to resolve inflammation
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Exploration of specific neural retraining methods aimed at modifying activity of these brain and brainstem regions
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Guided by a patient’s story and history, rarer contributors to migraine severity and frequency, whether environmental/toxic, infectious, genetic, or metabolic, may be explored with specialized testing

How long does it take to reduce and manage Migraine symptoms? What are possible results?

Preventive treatments are aimed at reducing frequency of migraine occurrence over time. Lessening headache severity or frequency is possible, though rarely a person will have complete resolution of all migraine attacks. Optimistically, having a migraine attack once or twice per year, or even less often, is a possible outcome for many.

What happens if you don’t manage Migraines properly?
Untreated migraines can be very debilitating, and greatly affect quality of life. Some subtypes of migraine, if untreated, can result in specific forms of neurological damage. It is important to distinguish with your physician if you suffer from one of these subtypes.

Meet Lisa, who was put on Thyroid medication while pregnant. Lisa wanted to get off medication.

We addressed her inability to detox and began to fix abnormal bacterial growth in her microbiome (Klebsiella) while boosting the gut immune system (low sIgA).

"I have never had a doctor spend so much time preparing for our appointment by extensively analyzing all of my lab work from the past several years and putting together a comprehensive plan." - Lisa

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At the current time, Index Health is only available through telemedicine in the state of Florida. All from the comfort of your home.

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Does Index Health accept insurance, Medicare or Medicaid?

We can provide functional medicine help for patients eligible to receive Medicare/Medicaid benefits; however, the cost of patient treatment received from Index Health cannot be billed to Medicare/Medicaid by the member holding the insurance policy or us. In this case, we will require you to sign an ABN (Advance Beneficiary Notice of Non-coverage), which will waive your right to bill Medicare or Medicaid.

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