Weight & Heart Health Program.

Doctor-led care for weight & heart health.

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Treat the root cause of heart disease & weight problems to prevent heart attack & stroke.

Advanced lab tests to uncover the root cause (fasting glucose, lipid panels, and more).
Personalized, nutrition, and lifestyle first approach.
Personalized health plans targeted at the root cause of heart issues, & prevention.
Hands on physician support, testing, & progress tracking.


Average lowering of LDL in 3 months.

More Effective.

On average than most Statins—without the side effects.


Less symptoms in 90 days on average.

Weight & heart conditions we successfully treat.

Diabetes / Prediabetes / Insulin Resistance.

These three conditions refer to a group of conditions that affect how your body uses blood sugar (glucose), with the accompanying symptoms dependent on the type.

Our focus at Index Health is to help people improve their glucose and insulin numbers, but we also prioritize preventive testing, to help someone know if they are trending towards diabetes, many years ahead of time. We often use real time tracking devices, such as a continuous glucose monitor (or CGM), or ketone measuring devices.

Cholesterol Issues.

Understanding which cholesterol markers are important to know can be confusing, as for so many years, it was thought that Total cholesterol and LDL levels are the only things that matter.

Our team uses the most advanced markers to help you not only have a clear understanding of current risk level, but more importantly, what areas we need to target in your personalized lifestyle, nutrition, supplement, medications (sometimes) plan.

Heart Attack / Stroke Risk.

We believe it is our job to help you understand what your labs actually mean, in detail. As part of that, we use standardized calculators (such as Framingham risk calculator, Reynolds risk, Mesa risk), so you can clearly see the progress over time, and understand how it is potentially impacting your 10 year and lifetime risk of stroke.


Hypertension is a condition that involves the long-term forces of blood exerted upon the walls of our blood vessels. It is a well understood primary risk factor for heart disease, stroke, and aneurysms.

While medications may be appropriate in some instances, we look for why a person has high blood pressure. Some commonly encountered reasons have to do with inaccurate understanding of beneficial nutrition plans, poor sleep or stress management habits, and suboptimal body composition, just to name a few.

How our weight & heart health program works.


Comprehensive heart health analysis.

We use advanced lab tests & tools that other doctors don't use to uncover the root cause of your heart & weight issues.

Lab companies we use for patients’ heart and weight issues.


Root cause evaluation of risks & drivers.

We use advanced lab tests, data, and tools to build a detailed evaluation of your heart health, in order to create a personalized plan targeting the root cause & risks.

What we screen for.

Potential nutrient deficiencies. Sensitivities, intolerances, and allergies to foods. Lifestyle factors (exercise, smoking, drinking). Chronic infections or exposures (occupational, environmental, etc.). Related labs and medical history. Medications or supplement use. Family history.

What we test for.

Insulin resistance markers.

Fasting insulin, C-PeptideInsulin Antibodies (when indicated), Insulin resistance score, Hemoglobin A1C, Fructosamine, SHBG, IGF-1 and IGF binding proteins.

Inflammation markers.

hsCRP/ESR, TMAO, IL-6, Omega 3-6 ratio, Homocysteine, Oxidized LDL, Lp-PLA2 activity, Myeloperoxidase activity, ADMA/SDMA.

Cholesterol markers.

ApoB, LDL-P, Lp(a), Advanced lipid panel, HDL function assay, Sterols and lipid metabolites.

Kidney Disease.

eGFR, Symmetric dimethylarginine, Microalbumin:creatinine ratio, Serum creatinine and blood urea nitrogen (BUN), Cystatin C, Urine albumin:creatinine ratio, Fibrinogen-to-albumin ratio, Fibroblast growth factor 23 (FGF23).


Comprehensive medical assessment of all the above drivers of disease and future health risks based on patient genomics testing.


Get a personalized plan from your doctor.

The labs & screening tell us whether you’re on path to become a diabetic, your heart-disease, and stroke risk within 10-15 years, & how to proactively plan, & prevent.

What’s in your personalized lifestyle plan?

Personalized plans target your risks and root cause drivers using nutrition, lifestyle changes, and at times targeted supplements.

Nutrition plan.

Nutrition plans include: cardio-metabolic food plan, nitric oxide boosting foods, low glycemic load, anti-inflammatory nutrition plans.

Lifestyle & movement plan.

Enjoyable forms of movement, stress management, sleep tracking (Oura ring), mental & emotional.

Supplements & medication.

We believe in a nutrition first approach with targeted supplements. We do not make any money from supplements. Supplement recommendations are targeted entirely at the risk factors that are identified in the tests. Our physicians use prescription medication as needed, which is infrequent.

Tools that we use.

CGMs: Continuous glucose monitoring to understand how your body reacts to certain foods and glucose levels.

Remote EKG monitoring:
Real-time EKG feedback that gives an indication if the heart is being strained during exercise (e.g. Apple Watch, FitBit, Fourth Frontier).

Home BP monitoring:
Blood pressure trends and logs.


Heart health with progress tracking & ongoing support.

With proactive 30-60min appointments, Advanced Primary Care, unlimited messaging, and mini-visits when you need them, we make sure that you achieve your health goals.

Ongoing support, tracking & proactive visits.

Maximize your progress with continuous support and check-ins with your doctor, & nutritionist. We'll also track your progress using wearables, repeat advanced lab tests & educational content geared towards your condition.

Ongoing support, tracking & proactive visits.

Maximize your progress with continuous support and check-ins with your doctor and nutritionist. We'll also track your progress using wearables, repeat advanced lab tests, and educational content geared toward your condition.

Advanced Primary Care and support.

Get Primary Care from the comfort of your home, targeted at prevention, planning, personalization rather than just sick care. We also offer unlimited messaging, & mini-visits with your healthcare team when you need support.

Retesting, follow-ups, and risk calculators.

Geared towards lowering 10 year and lifetime risk of heart attack and stroke, we use standardized risk calculators to track risk & your improvement over time (American College of Cardiology, and Mayo Clinic).

Meet Ryan (55) who came to us 50 lbs overweight, with a heightened risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

We personalized Ryan's plan by including 12h overnight intermittent fasting, discussed adequate protein and fiber intake in the midst of being vegan. Ryan also started logging blood pressure, and began using a Freestyle Libre CGM (glucose monitor) to identify harmful foods. We also recommended that he take a vegan omega 3 supplement, and was guided on a resistance training regimen. Here are his results after just 90 days:

Decrease in LDL Cholesterol
Lowering of Insulin
Lowering of hsCRP

Why is Index Health more effective from everything else you’ve tried?

What we do.

Advanced lab tests & root cause analysis.

We use advanced lab tests that analyze the root cause of your health condition, which allow us to plan and treat you with precision.

100% personalized plans.

Get a personalized plan that's made for your body, and your condition.

Nutrition & lifestyle first.

Food and lifestyle are medicine. We put this at the forefront of our approach to reaching optimal health.

Data-tracking & results.

With ongoing support, tracking, and testing you'll be able to feel & see real results.

What we don’t do.

One size fits all.

Healthcare today can be summarized as 15min appointment that inevitably ends in prescription medication.

Band aid approach.

A conventional protocol would prescribe a pill or maybe a supplement to solve for your health problems, but that doesn’t target the root cause. Index Health don't mask your symptoms -  we help you figure out exactly what is driving them and find relief.

No ongoing support.

Most clinics are barely there for you when you're sick. We're here for you when you need us, to prevent disease, and to plan for longevity.

Quick fixes.

Our approach takes effort, time and willingness to change. If you are not ready to put in the time and effort to get lasting results, then we are likely not a fit.

Hear from our members.

Female, 38

High Cholesterol & Heart Health.

Results after 5 months:

Cholesterol LDL-P



Member since October 2021
“Never before have I spent so much time talking with a doctor.”
Member since October 2021
"They take their time and dig deep into your history to develop an approach that both addresses your current concerns & helps you maintain your health in the long term."
Male, 26

Heart Health.

Results after 3 months:

Total Cholesterol


Cholesterol LDL

Male, 57

Hypertension & Heart Health.

Results after 7 months:



Cholesterol LDL

Member since August 2021
"I made changes to my diet & vitamin regimen, and a few short months later became pregnant."

High quality care, one flat fee.

$99 for the first month. $179 afterwards.

Specialized Care Team.

Get a board certified doctor, nutritionist, & care manager who work together with you.

Online Visits.

60 minute in-depth appointments to make sure that each one of your concerns have been addressed.

Personalized Treatment Plan.

Personalized plans include lifestyle, nutrition, movement, and at times supplements.

Advanced Primary Care.

Care when you need it. Focused on prevention, longevity, from the comfort of your home.

Unlimited Messaging.

We offer unlimited secure messaging with prompt response times from your car team.

Ongoing Support.

Ongoing proactive appointments, content, videos, communication, messaging, and more.

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Why Index Health is the better choice.

Root cause approach.

Get to the root cause of your condition using advanced lab tests, data, and specialist physicians, rather than just treating the symptom.

100% Personalized.

Personalized plans are 100% unique, and tailored to your body, and your needs! Plans include primarily nutrition & lifestyle changes.

Ongoing support.

Get ongoing support from your dedicated staff, as well as Advanced Primary Care, retesting, follow-up appointments, and more.

Start reversing disease today.