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Why is your symptom score important?

Your score indicates you're probably feeling quite unwell because of a significant underlying condition. Even if you're getting medical help, your condition may not be getting managed effectively, impacting what you can do on a daily basis.

This Parsley Health assessment does not provide any clinical or medical advice and is not designed to diagnose, treat, or prescribe any diseases or conditions. Consider discussing your results with your healthcare provider in combination with a physical exam, your medical history, and other factors.

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Lasting relief starts with getting to the root cause of your symptoms. From what our members tell us, Parsley's approach to care is a game-changer.

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Based on your answers, we recommend

A personalized health plan guided by a holistic doctor and health coach.

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Your Index membership plan.

Based on your answers, we recommend a Complete Index membership tailored to your top health concerns. Your Index clinician will design a personalized health plan, including diagnostic testing, to take a deeper look at what's going on in your body. Your Index nutritionist will work with you to put your new nutrition and lifestyle routine in place.

Out-of-network reimbursement up to 70%

What do I get with my membership?

Virtual appointments with functional medicine trained doctors & nutritionists.
Personalized four part health plan: nutrition, diagnostic testing, lifestyle, and supplements.
Advanced lab tests focused on identifying the underlying root cause.
Advanced primary care & ongoing support.