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Gabie Lazareff

Health Optimization: How to Optimize Your Health in 2022

If you are on the road to changing your lifestyle by fixing your health and incorporating exercise into your life, you've found the right place. There are so many diseases that can be prevented when you change your lifestyle for the better. Take advantage of health optimization, and learn more about your mind, body, and soul.

Why Is Sugar So Addictive?

Storytime! My father’s French and loves his wine. He also has quite the sweet tooth. He’s dabbled with Dry January where you start the year alcohol-free, so when chatting with him about his overall health and diet, I asked him “how about trying a month of no sugar?” to which he laughed and said, in his thick French accent, “I would give up alcohol before I would give up sugar.”

Is The Cardiometabolic Food Plan Right For You?

There are various conditions to think of when you talk about heart health risk. Many people are familiar with diabetes, high blood pressure, abnormal waist size, and abnormal cholesterol. In functional medicine, we use a different lens, focusing on the things that tie cardiovascular disease to metabolic disease. This includes things like inflammation, insulin resistance, and stress. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a food plan that addressed both cardiovascular risks, and metabolic disease risks?!?! That’s where the cardiometabolic food plan comes in. If you’re someone with an increased risk of developing heart disease due to current risk factors or genetics, you already know how important it is to live a lifestyle that manages and reduces that risk, rather than having a lifestyle and diet that perpetuates those risks. Because remember, while genes may load the gun, it’s diet and lifestyle that pull the trigger.

Sleep Your Way To A Healthier Heart.

How does sleep specifically impact our heart health? As with most health-related questions, the answer is, in more ways than one! It turns out that sleep actually affects pretty much every process that takes place in the body, including our hard-working cardiovascular system. You’ll want to curl up in bed for this read…

4 Simple Steps To Reduce Heart Disease Risk.

With heart disease being the number one killer globally, let’s look at some simple steps that you can take today to lower your risk of heart disease… even if you have a genetic predisposition!

What Is Functional Medicine?

You’ve probably heard the buzz around ‘functional medicine’ and ‘holistic approaches’ but how does functional medicine differ from regular conventional medicine? Why bother going ‘unconventional’?