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The Comprehensive Guide to Functional Medicine Testing.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to functional medicine testing. At Index Health, we are committed to providing you with the most reliable and relevant information on functional medicine and how it can optimize your health and well-being.

Low Energy Levels In Females.

There are a lot of women that experience low energy; it is not uncommon. However, experiencing ongoing fatigue is not normal. Even if it is just a symptom, it should not be ignored. You could be experiencing vitamin d deficiency or even iron deficiency. Fatigue has many possible causes that are very real and not in your imagination. In this article, learn how to manage stress, avoid sleep issues, avoid thyroid issues, and manage your weight.

Why Do I Have So Many Food Sensitivities?

Reactions to food are very common. People can be born with them, or they can develop later in life. It is also very common for someone to develop an intolerance or sensitivity to certain foods later in life. Learn about food allergies, intolerance, sensitivities, elimination diets, and symptoms that can occur.

Labwork: What You Need to Know.

Lab work is a group of lab tests meant for getting information about one's health via a sample of blood, urine, feces, or body tissue, among others. Lab and blood tests are crucial in diagnosing, monitoring, and treating various ailments. They can even help in diagnosing diseases before their symptoms arise. The sampling process is quick and easy, and patients typically get their results within one week, depending on the complexity of the tests ordered. Lab work is an essential facet of the medical field and continues to save patients' lives.

What Exactly Does an Electrolyte Panel Test.

An electrolyte panel can detect health problems with ease. If you would like to learn more about your health, then an electrolyte test is where it all starts.