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Genetics Load The Gun, Lifestyle Pulls The Trigger.

Being born with a genetic predisposition, like an increased risk of developing diabetes or an autoimmune disease, sucks. It makes our diet and lifestyle choices that much more important to take care of, because it’s diet and lifestyle that will determine whether or not that genetic predisposition becomes an issue for you…

What Is THE Best Diet? The Secret To Health.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one copy and paste perfect diet plan for everyone?! Actually… no… I think that would be really boring and mundane. Sure, it might be easier for people to understand how to be physically healthy… but what about FUN?! What about Culture? Comfort? Social-Life? Family reunions? What about nostalgia? These are fundamental aspects of our society that often revolve around food.

The Future Of Health: Personalized Diets.

The health and wellness industry is brand new… like newborn baby new. We’re constantly learning things about how the body interacts with the food we eat, and the environment we’re eating it in. One thing that we’ve learned through observing our own mistakes is that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to diet. And it’s not difficult to see why when we start to consider just how differently we are all built…

Top 3 ways to use nutrition to support a healthy gut.

In Functional Medicine, we talk about the gut often. As we take our view into the gut, the land of trillions of bacteria, we are looking at the landscape (gut lining) as well as “who” lives there (bacteria) and more importantly how they are fed (fermentation). A healthy gut has a beautiful balance of beneficial bacteria living in a vital landscape. The specific assessment of your gut guides us to getting to the root causes of most of the imbalances in your body. Nutritionally speaking, that means first looking at what we feed our bodies which ultimately impacts our gut bugs. You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to making choices to support your gut.

Is your gut health the key to improving your exercise routine, or vice versa?

What if improving your gut health could improve your physical performance and exercise capacity? For those who are already dealing with gut related issues, wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple solution that would actually improve how our gut functions? Well, the great news is that evidence has demonstrated that both of those things are possible.