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Medical Consultations (60min).
Nutritionist Consultations (60min).
Unlimited email and communications with Index Medical Staff.
Personalized Health plan.
Personalized supplement (and or medication) plan.
Individualized diet plan.
Exercise and gym plan.
Dashboard & analytics into your health.
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Health content made exclusively for Index members.
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Private online speaking events from leaders in medicine.
Personalized monthly medical and nutrional newsletter made for your body, condition and health goals.
Testing & Lab Work.
Advanced lab work and insights into your health.
Insights into hormonal, cardiovascular, cognitive health.
Discounted lab work (charged to your insurance or directly billed).
Add-on (not included).
For additional $2500: Get DNA & Genomics testing to help you plan for your health long term. This fee includes medical consultations on your DNA and Genomics results.


Does Index accept Insurance, Medicare or Medicaid?
No, we do not accept insurance nor people who are currently enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid or Medicare/Medicaid advantage programs.
Where is Index available?
We're only available in Florida at the moment. We plan to launch in other states soon.
Can I use my HSA/FSA to pay for Index?
Yes, medical visits offered by Index Health satisfy criteria put forth by insurance plans to qualify as a medical related expense.
What lab work does Index perform?
Index Health has concierge lab arrangements with national labs (such as Quest, BRL, LabCorp, etc.), but also offers advanced, specialty lab testing (through companies like Genova Diagnostics, Great Plains Laboratory) and advanced genomics testing (through IntellxxDNA).