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We're building the most advanced medical company in the world.

Everyone deserves the most advanced, and best quality of medical care possible. Our mission is to get Root Cause Medicine to 7 billion people.

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"Medicine should be root cause focused, data-driven, and personalized."

"When my mom was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, she ran from doctor’s office to doctor’s office, getting more and more prescription medicine, while her health just got worse. 

When she decided to take a different route, she found a doctor who specialized in Root Cause Medicine. They took a root cause, data-driven, and personalized approach to diagnosing and treating her. And after 12 months, she reversed what she had.

Going through this experience made me think: why isn’t all of medicine this data driven and personalized? And why doesn't everyone have access to it? 

With that goal in mind, we started Index Health, with the mission to make Root Cause Medicine available to 7B people."

Luka Ivicevic
Co-Founder & CEO


Empowering 7 billion lives with Root Cause Medicine.

At Index Health, we envision a world where Root Cause Medicine is not just a privilege for a few but a fundamental right for all. Our vision is to make Root Cause Medicine accessible to 7 billion people, to reverse and prevent disease, while creating longevity for all.


Merging cutting edge medicine, with cutting edge technology.

Modern medicine meets technology for advanced, personalized care. Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we empower our clinical team to deliver effective treatments tailored to each patient's unique condition and lifestyle.

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