About us

Radically improve your health.

Why we started Index.

Medicine today is a 15 minute appointment that ends with predetermined prescription medication. Medicine shouldn’t be time limited, predetermined or a one-size fits all approach.

Medicine should be personalized.

Medicine should dig deep to understand the root cause of our health issues. Medicine should be data-driven, preventive, proactive, trackable and actionable.
And so, we started Index to get one billion people radically better healthcare that does exactly that.

Mission driven leadership.

Our mission starts from our personal stories. We’ve all had hardship getting the right care for ourselves or for our loved ones, especially when today’s medicine wasn’t able to help. We continuously asked ourselves: why isn’t medicine proactive? Why don’t doctors dig deeper to understand the root cause of my health problem, like that weight issue, chronic fatigue or a pesky chronic disease? With that experience, we set out to build Index the way we want medicine to be.

Designed for patients.

We’re a team of doctors, medical professionals, engineers and entrepreneurs, on a mission to get you radically better healthcare so that you can live a longer and healthier life.

Success at Index is not measured by our profit margin or how many patients we have or how many employees we boast or how much money we've raised.

Our only measure of success is your health. And so everything we do internally boils down to one question: are our patients radically healthier, everyday?

Best in class medical experts.

Licensed & Certified Physicians.

Index's medical providers are Board Certified Physicians, with a broad range of experience including functional (root-cause) medicine, genomics, preventive care, and urgent care.  With our training background, it allows us to care for a wide array of medical conditions, both the simple and the complex.

Science-based Approach.

Our medical team looks upstream to consider the interactions of an individual's medical history, timeline, and lifestyle.  We help you understand how they all can contribute to illness, but more importantly, how we leverage them to help you overcome the obstacles between you and your optimal health.

Advanced Labs and Genomics.

As personalized medicine providers, we dispel the idea that "one thing causes one disease and there's one treatment for that disease".  We use the most advanced labs (including genomics) that can get you answers to even the most difficult of your health-related questions.

Leadership team.

Luka Ivicevic

Chief Executive Officer
Luka’s passion for personalized medicine arose when his mother was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and couldn’t find the right care for years, until she came across personalized medicine that helped her recover and be healthier than ever.

Previously, Luka paved the way for digital banking in Europe having founded Penta Bank, one of Europe’s largest online banks. 

Dr. Chris LeMay

Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Chris's interest in personalized medicine began as a result of seeing his family dealing with medical conditions that conventional medicine had nothing to offer. 

His background includes board certification in emergency medicine (Chief Resident, Mount Sinai Medical Center), sports medicine (fellowship at Northshore/Long Island Jewish), and also an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner. Qualifications include ReCODE 2.0 Certified Practitioner status and completion of advanced genomics training. 

Sir Gabriel Holbach

Chief Experience Officer
Sir leads Index’s experience and service development. Sir’s motivation for founding Index comes from his family’s medical and pharmacy background who’s focus was on identifying the root cause of disease in Germany. 

Previous to Index, Sir founded Penta Bank, one of Europe’s largest online banks and worked in several other technology startups, some of which, many of us use today.

Are you ready to take control of your health? 

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