Download our Gut Health Case Study.

Analysis and case study on where a member's health started and what issues they were dealing with before joining Index.
Observe how their progress improved over time, using lab test data and graphs.
In depth insight into our medical team's approach at tackling the member's issues and goals.
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Hear from our members.

"You will not be disappointed."
Member since September 2021
"I have no interest in returning to the traditional healthcare system."
Member since August 2021
“My experience so far with the medical team at Index has been remarkable.”
Member since December 2021
“Never before have I spent so much time talking with a doctor.”
Member since October 2021
"I can't say enough good things about Index Health."
Rachel L.
Member since September 2021
"I have gotten almost my whole family on board."
Rachel M.
Member since September 2021