What To Do with a Hypertension Diagnosis.

You don't want to leave a hypertension diagnosis left untreated. This is your time to change into healthy habits, and we can help! Contact index health to reverse disease using food and lifestyle changes.

Healthy Living: The Cardiometabolic Food Plan.

The cardiometabolic food plan effectively reduces and reverses most cardiometabolic conditions. Learn more about it here.

What Exactly Does an Electrolyte Panel Test.

An electrolyte panel can detect health problems with ease. If you would like to learn more about your health, then an electrolyte test is where it all starts.

What Happens if Endometriosis is Left Untreated.

Endometriosis is a relatively common but serious gynecological disorder that affects 10 million women worldwide. It most commonly affects females of reproductive age and is a commonly overlooked causative factor in infertility. It occurs when the tissue that normally lines the uterus inside instead forms outside the uterus. The exact cause of Endometriosis remains a mystery, and this has prevented a cure from being developed. When treated properly, the symptoms of Endometriosis are manageable, but what happens if Endometriosis is left untreated?

Gut Health Hacks: Why Is Gut Health Important?

Gut health entails the functions of major organs working together to properly digest food and balance good bacteria within the gastrointestinal tract. The organs involved are the esophagus, stomach, and intestines. These major organs help digest food without discomfort. Unfortunately, digestive diseases are common, so discomfort within the gastrointestinal tract can happen. That is why it is beneficial to learn what gut health hacks can help prevent digestive diseases.

Hormone Health and Wellness Versus Autoimmunity.

Hormone imbalances and autoimmunity may go hand in hand. There has been research that was done that expects them to occur together. Let’s look at the different diseases and disorders and see what they mean and how to prevent them.