Autoimmunity & Hormones Health.

Doctor-led care for autoimmunity & hormone health.

We address hormone health conditions and diseases using easy to implement food & lifestyle changes. The goal of functional medicine is to build a medical plan for your hormones that treats you as a whole patient, not just your symptoms.

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Improve your hormones and autoimmune condition by treating the root cause.

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Advanced lab tests to uncover the root cause (fasting glucose, lipid panels, and more).
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Easy to implement nutrition & lifestyle-first approach.
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100% personalized treatment plans targeted at the root cause & prevention.
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Hands-on physician & nutritionist support, testing, and progress tracking.

Lowered symptoms in 60 days, on average.


Average lowered inflammation hsCRP.


Of members see improvement after 6 months.

Autoimmunity & hormone conditions we treat.

Autoimmune thyroid (Hashimoto's / Graves' Disease).

An autoimmune thyroid disorder involves our immune system attacking our own thyroid tissue, which leads to abnormal thyroid hormone production. This then leads to symptoms associated with an underactive or overactive thyroid.

We find that these antibody tests are often not tested for, despite the prevalence of autoimmune thyroid disorders being estimated at 1-2% of the general population. Our team screens for these important autoimmune markers, and if present, we help you figure out WHY the immune system is attacking your thyroid tissue, and address that.

Psoriasis / Psoriatic arthritis.

Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes itchy, scaly patches that often involve the scalp, ears, elbows, and knees. Some people can even have associated nail changes and joint pain and swelling.

As with many other skin conditions, it is important to consider more of an "inside-out" approach, and unless a comprehensive testing approach is considered, it's unlikely that a root cause will be identified. On the treatment side, some important aspects include addressing systemic inflammation, optimizing gut and liver health, and constructing a personalized nutrition plan to avoid any potential food triggers.

Adrenal dysfunction / Abnormal Cortisol patterns.

Cortisol is produced by the adrenal glands and it is an essential hormone that has a role in our body's stress response, but is also involved in our metabolism and sleep cycles, our blood sugar regulation, and our immune system.

There are normal variations of cortisol levels throughout the day, and seeing the pattern can give us clues as to how your day to day decisions and stress levels are impacting resiliency. Incredibly, we see that these patterns impact our gut health, our thyroid health, and our sex hormones. Once we know your body's response pattern, we can then create a plan around lifestyle, nutrition, and supplement (i.e. adaptogen) changes.

Male / Female Hormone Health.

The area of male/female sex hormones is complicated. Unfortunately, people often have a single blood sample that looks at a few lab tests at a single point in time, and then a plan is created based off that result. What is more important is to understand how hormones are created (what are the building blocks involved), how are they metabolized (liver function, aromatase/5-alpha-reductase, methylation, etc.), and how are they excreted (gut health).

We are all unique, and you deserve a plan that takes your symptoms into account and gathers the right amount of information, to know exactly how to plan for progress.

How our easy to implement autoimmunity & hormone health programs work.


Comprehensive hormone & autoimmune analysis from a doctor.

We dedicate time to understanding your genetics, history, lifestyle, and goals. Combined with advanced lab tests other doctors don’t run, we uncover the root cause of your hormone and autoimmune issues.

Linking gut and immune health.

We use advanced lab tests, data, and tools to build a detailed evaluation of your hormone health to create a personalized plan targeting the root cause & risks.

What does your doctor screen for at the first meeting?

Diet, lifestyle & exercise, family history, prior personal history, smoking and drinking history, occupational exposure, previous labs, and medical history, as well as known genetic predispositions.

What our doctors test for.

Food triggers / sensitivities / intolerances / allergies.

Microbiome analysis (including digestion abilities), Food Allergy (IgE) testing, Zonulin.

Potential nutrient deficiencies.

Total Glutathione / Oxidative stress markers (lipid peroxides, 8-OHdG), Vitamin markers (Vit A, B vitamins, Vit D, Vit E), Iron / Magnesium / Selenium / Zinc / Iodine, Omega 3 index (and O3/O6 ratio).

Chronic infections or exposures.

TGF-beta1, CRP / ESR, IL-6, Ferritin, Fibrinogen, TNF-alpha, Serum amyloid A, C4a levels, and Melanocyte stimulating hormone.

Medications / supplements that may induce autoimmunity.

Isoniazid, Hydralazine, Procainamide, Tumor-necrosis factor (TNF) alpha inhibitors (such as etanercept, infliximab, and adalimumab), Minocycline, Sulfasalazine, Chlorpromazine, Quinidine, Methyldopa.

Family history / genomics.

Here are genes that we may screen for: IL1, IL6, TNF alpha, APOE, FUT2, HO-1, TIMP4, CRP, CYP1B1, CYP1A1, ENOS, FUT2, TIMP4, MNSOD, PPARA, TYK2, Th17 related SNPs (Th17-related genes (IL23R, RORC, IL6R, IL17A, IL17F, CCR6, IL6, JAK2, TNFSF15, IL23A, IL22, STAT3, TBX21, SOCS3, IL12RB1 and IL17RA).


Get a personalized autoimmunity & hormone health plan.

Find holistic hormone solutions to support digestive health and plan for future wellness. We see treatment as a balance of many different factors and strive to help you build sustainable habits that incorporate nutrition balance, lifestyle choices, and supplements when necessary.

The lab & screening results show us specific nutrient deficiencies that need to be targeted, current inflammation levels, & how to optimize the link between gut health and immune health. All to get to the root cause of your hormone issues.

What’s in your personalized plan?

Personalized plans target your body risks and root cause drivers using nutrition, lifestyle changes, and targeted supplements to help you achieve optimal health.

Integrative nutrition plan.

Cardio-metabolic food plan, autoimmune Paleo diet, low histamine, oxalate, sulfur, and salicylate plans, herbal treatments, mito food plan.

Lifestyle & movement plan.

Enjoyable forms of movement, stress management, sleep tracking (Oura Ring, Woop, and others), therapy, mental & emotional care.

Supplements & medication.

We believe in a nutrition-first approach. As a policy, supplement recommendations are targeted entirely at the risk factors identified in the tests. Our doctors can prescribe medication and will do so on an as needed basis.


Progress tracking & ongoing support.

With proactive 30-60 minute appointments & unlimited messaging, we make sure that you achieve your hormone and autoimmunity health goals. Our holistic functional medicine approach puts you at the center of the treatment process.

Ongoing support, tracking, and proactive visits.

Maximize your progress with continuous functional medicine support and check-ins with your Dr and nutritionist. We'll also track your progress using wearables, repeat advanced lab tests, and educational content geared toward your condition.

Personalized care and support.

Personalized care from the comfort of your home, targeted at prevention, planning, and personalization rather than just sick treatment. Our functional medicine team also offers unlimited messaging when you need it.

Repeat testing, follow-ups, and risk calculators.

Geared toward lowering 10 years and lifetime risk of heart attack and stroke, we use standardized risk calculators to track your risk and improvement over time (American College of Cardiology and Mayo Clinic).

Easy care that changes lives.

Meet CJ - joined Index Health March 2022.

She needed help with her bloating & abdominal pain, pain in muscles & joints, fatigue and mood swings.

Results after 6 months:
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Resolution of fatigue, pain, allergic, and gut symptoms.
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Correction and stabilization of hormone levels.
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Correction and stabilization of liver enzymes.
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Improved mood.

Index Health is more effective than everything else you’ve tried.

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Index Health

Advanced lab tests and root cause analysis.

We use advanced lab tests that analyze the root cause of your condition, allowing us to make a therapy plan and treat you with precision.

60 minute deep dive consultations.

We care. we listen. The more we know about you, your health history, and your health goals. The better we can work together to get you to optimal health.

100% personalized plans.

Get a hyper personalized plan tailored to the root cause of your condition. These health plans include a food first, lifestyle-based approach. Supplements are used on a per need basis. Our goal is to get you off of medication.

Nutrition and lifestyle first.

Food and lifestyle are medicine. We put nutritional help and a schedule of healthy habits at the forefront of our approach to optimal health.

Data tracking and results.

With ongoing support, tracking, and testing, you'll be able to feel and see & track real progress.

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Traditional Approach

One size fits all.

Healthcare today can be summarized as a 10 minute consultations that inevitably ends in prescription medication—we know we can do better.

10 minute consultations.

Nowadays we gotten used to the 10 minute appointments which only end up treating the surface.

Band-aid approach.

A conventional protocol would prescribe a pill or supplement to solve your problems and symptoms, but that kind of quick treatment doesn't target the condition's root cause. Index Health won't mask your symptoms--we help you figure out exactly what is driving them to find relief.

No ongoing support.

The average clinic is barely there for you when you're sick. We're here for you when you need us--to prevent disease and plan for longevity.

Quick fixes.

We know that a healthy body doesn't happen overnight, and our approach will take effort, time, and willingness to change. If you are not ready to put in the time and effort to get lasting results, then Index Health is unlikely to be a good fit.

12 Month Membership.

Here’s what’s included:

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5 doctor visits (60 min each).
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3 nutritionist visits (45 min each).
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100% personalized treatment plan.
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Unlimited messaging.
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Access to advanced lab testing.

Cancel anytime after the first 30 days.

Clear costs. Easy & great care.

Become an Index Health member today and get a long-term partner dedicated to preventing disease and getting you to optimal health.


Where is Index Health available?

At the current time, Index Health is only available through telemedicine in the states of Florida, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. All from the comfort of your home. Stay tuned for updates on new availabilities across the USA. Follow us on social media for updates:

What's included when I become a member?

We recommend following our highly rated health program that includes 5 physician visits, and 3 nutritionist visits, which has shown to deliver the best outcomes for our patients. In addition to the above, as an Index Health patient, you'll receive the following:

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A personalized plan (nutrition, lifestyle, supplements, targeted medication if need be, and a plan to get off of medication).
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Access to advanced lab tests with advanced diagnostic capabilities.
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Unlimited messaging.
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Discounted rates for supplements.
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Curated content for your health goals.

You can schedule a free call with an Index Health Care Manager to learn more.

Does Index Health accept insurance, Medicare or Medicaid?

Yes, we accept Out-Of-Network insurance for our services. During your free call with an Index Health Care Manager, you can check what your Out-Of-Network deductible is.

Labs are typically covered by your insurance and are not included in the Index Health membership.

What is Out-Of-Network?

Think of Out-Of-Network as the opposite of In-Network, for your insurance company. An Out-Of-Network provider is a provider that is not directly contracted with your insurance company.

As an Out-Of-Network provider, we are able to submit a claim with your insurance company so that you can reimbursed a certain amount of money for the fees paid to Index Health.

The amount reimbursable depends on your insurance plan's deductible, whether your plan will reimburse you for Out-Of-Network services, and other factors. Index Health cannot guarantee reimbursement from your insurance company.

Not sure about the details of your plan? No problem! We can help for free. You can schedule a free call with an Index Health advisor so that you can find out more information about your insurance plan's coverage, and how much you’ll potentially be reimbursed.

Can I use my HSA/FSA to pay for Index Health?

Yes. Index Health is considered a medically eligible expense therefore, it can be paid for via an HSA/FSA. Please note, claims may not be submitted to insurance when HSA/FSA is being used.

Do I have unlimited messaging with providers between appointments?

Yes, you do have unlimited messaging! Think of unlimited messaging as an easy and quick way to chat with your doctor and nutritionist. We typically get back to our patients within 48 hours for most inquiries.

Can I choose my doctor/nutritionist?

Yes, based on availability you are free to choose your doctor. Just make sure to ask your care manager when signing up and we'll make it possible.

What's the cancellation policy?

You may cancel anytime after your first 30 days. The initial setup fee of $149 for the first 30 days is non-refundable. If you have any questions or are looking to cancel your membership, please get in touch at:

Our doctors.

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What we treat.

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