Our simple and effective process.

Discover & address the root cause of your health issues.

Specialist lab testing, ongoing communication & support, as well as a 100% personalized treatment plan.

From $229/month. Try it for 30 days for $199.


Your first doctor appointment (60min).

Our doctors take the time to listen to you, and understand your health goals in order to determine the best treatment approach.


Your first physician appointment will take a deep dive into your current symptoms, your health history, your lifestyle habits (diet, movement), any medications or supplements you take, and more.

Health history & current lifestyle habits.

With your doctor, you’ll discuss previous efforts of improving your health, short and long term health goals, and key lifestyle habits (diet, stress triggers, exercise habits) that may be triggering your problems.

Current supplements & medication.

We’ll want to understand what medication and supplements you’re taking, and why. It’s important for us to also understand how it’s helped you make progress so far.

Other factors that may be impacting your health.

Often times, our patients won’t know why they feel the way they do even if they’ve tried multiple treatment approaches.

It can be for various reasons: living in an environment with mold toxicity, an impaired gut, a hidden autoimmune response, or other factors that our testing helps uncover.

Unlimited messaging & continuous support.

Throughout your care with Index Health, you’ll receive unlimited messaging and continuous support for when you have questions about your health or treatment plan.


Our secret sauce: root cause lab testing & advanced diagnostics.

This is testing like you've never experienced before. Testing is at the core of what we do and we collect 1,000+ data points per test, which is more comprehensive than any yearly blood panel anywhere else.

Get your labs done.

After your first appointment, we’ll recommend getting a series labs that will help uncover the root cause of your health problems, and how we can best treat it. We make lab testing easy (and mainly covered by insurance) by partnering with national labs like Quest and LabCorp.

What will we screen for.

Weight & Heart Health.

Potential nutrient deficiencies. Sensitivities, intolerances, and allergies to foods. Lifestyle factors contribute to fat buildup or toxin intake (exercise, smoking, drinking). Chronic infections or exposures (occupational, environmental, etc.).

Autoimmunity & Hormone Health.

Food triggers (sensitivities, intolerances, allergies), potential nutrient deficiencies, chronic infections or exposures (occupational, environmental, etc.), medications & supplements that may induce autoimmunity, and family history & genomics.

Gut Health.

Poor digestion markers, abnormal microbiome or stool changes, leaky gut, food allergies/sensitives, medication/supplements that may induce autoimmunity, prior antibiotic or infection exposures, bowel inflammation or detox problems.

Undiagnosed & Other Issues.

We know how frustrating it is to run from doctor to doctor, unable to get a clear diagnosis. Our physicians have extensive experience working with hard-to-diagnose diseases and use the most advanced lab tests available today. Our specialist testing approach aims to get to the root-cause of your condition.


Get your 100% personalized plan.

Personalized plans are 100% tailored to your lab results, your health goals, and your pace.

What your personalized plan includes.

Nutrition & diet plan.

Food is medicine, and it’s at the center of what we do. Your physician and nutritionist will create a food plan that’s made to target and relieve the root cause of your problems.

Lifestyle & movement plan.

Movement and exercise help reduce inflammation, improve your immune system, and help prevent disease. We’ll work with you to create a movement plan that’s enjoyable for you, and for your own pace.

Supplements & medication.

Our goal is to get you off of both supplements & medication, and we’ll be working with you to de-prescribe both at a healthy pace.

Tools we may use.

We may also recommend using wearables like a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) to understand how certain foods or events impact your blood sugar levels, sleep monitoring devices to see how you’re sleeping, blood pressure monitors to observe your heart health, as well as other devices to help us track your progress.


Continuous support & communication

Stay on top of your personalized plan and health goals with ongoing appointments, unlimited messaging, and progress tracking.

What ongoing support looks like.

Ongoing appointments.

You will receive five (5), 60min appointments with your doctor, and 3 appointments (1.5hs in total) with your nutritionist, enabling you to constantly measure progress and stay on top of your health.

You will be able to choose your doctor and nutritionist.

Unlimited messaging.

You can reach out to your care team to tweak your plan and get answers. Your care team should respond within 48 hours.

For any medical emergencies, please dial 911 and go to your nearest Emergency Room or Urgent Care.

Start feeling great with ongoing support.

The timeline to improvement will vary for each person. A patient may see a reduction in flares of disease within 3-6 months when properly following your plan, addressing the root cause(s), triggers, and mediators of the condition.

Follow up lab tests & symptom questionnaires.

In order to track measurable progress we recommend follow-up testing on important lab markers. The timeline on when we suggest taking these tests can vary patient to patient.

We'll also track how your symptoms are developing throughout your journey, helping us improve your personalized plan.

Prevention & long term planning.

As your health results and symptoms improve, we’ll work with you to try and prevent disease and optimize your health in the years to come.

12 Month Membership.

Here’s what’s included per year:

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5 doctor visits (60 min each).
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3 nutritionist visits (45 min each).
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100% personalized treatment plan.
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Unlimited messaging.
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Access to advanced lab testing.

Cancel anytime after the first 30 days.

Clear costs. Effective care.

Become an Index Health member today and get a long-term partner dedicated to preventing disease and getting you to optimal health.

Friends & family discount

Give the gift of optimal health.

Are you interested in signing up with your significant other, or would you like to reap the benefits of Index Health with a friend? Talk to one of our friendly membership advisors and start your journey to optimal health today.

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Where is Index Health available?

At the current time, Index Health is only available through telemedicine in the states of Florida, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. All from the comfort of your home. Stay tuned for updates on new availabilities across the USA. Follow us on social media for updates:

What are the benefits of virtual care?

Virtual care, also known as telehealth or telemedicine, offers several benefits when compared to traditional in-person healthcare. Here are some of the key advantages of virtual care:

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Accessibility and Convenience: Overcomes geographical barriers, allowing care from anywhere (you will need to be the state that you live for your consultations). Eliminates travel time and costs.
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Flexible Scheduling: Appointments available to suit busy schedules. Reduces and even eliminates appointment wait times.
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Continuity of Care: Simplifies follow-up appointments. Supports ongoing monitoring for chronic conditions.
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Time and Cost Savings: Saves travel time & expenses. Eliminates waiting room time.
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Privacy and Confidentiality: Offers secure environment for sensitive discussions. Enhances patient comfort.

Remember, the suitability of virtual care versus traditional care depends on the medical situation, patient preferences, and healthcare provider recommendations.

What's included when I become a member?

We recommend following our highly rated health program that includes 5 physician visits, and 3 nutritionist visits, which has shown to deliver the best outcomes for our patients. In addition to the above, as an Index Health patient, you'll receive the following:

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A personalized plan (nutrition, lifestyle, supplements, targeted medication if need be, and a plan to get off of medication).
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Access to advanced lab tests with advanced diagnostic capabilities.
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Unlimited messaging.
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Discounted rates for supplements.
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Curated content for your health goals.

You can schedule a free call with an Index Health Care Manager to learn more.

Do I need to physically visit a lab even though is fully online-based?

Yes, while Index Health operates primarily through telemedicine, certain advanced lab tests require physical sample collection. We can provide the convenience of home draw labs and home tests, ensuring a seamless experience. Our partnerships with trusted labs allow you to schedule at-home sample collections, making it easier for you to undergo the necessary advanced tests without visiting a medical facility. This approach combines the benefits of telemedicine with the accuracy of specialized lab analyses, ensuring you receive comprehensive care from the comfort of your own space.

Does Index Health accept insurance, Medicare or Medicaid?

Yes, we accept Out-Of-Network insurance for our services. During your free call with an Index Health Care Manager, you can check what your Out-Of-Network deductible is.

Labs are typically covered by your insurance and are not included in the Index Health membership.

What is Out-Of-Network?

Think of Out-Of-Network as the opposite of In-Network, for your insurance company. An Out-Of-Network provider is a provider that is not directly contracted with your insurance company.

As an Out-Of-Network provider, we are able to submit a claim with your insurance company so that you can reimbursed a certain amount of money for the fees paid to Index Health.

The amount reimbursable depends on your insurance plan's deductible, whether your plan will reimburse you for Out-Of-Network services, and other factors. Index Health cannot guarantee reimbursement from your insurance company.

Not sure about the details of your plan? No problem! We can help for free. You can schedule a free call with an Index Health advisor so that you can find out more information about your insurance plan's coverage, and how much you’ll potentially be reimbursed.

Can I use my HSA/FSA to pay for Index Health?

Yes. Index Health is considered a medically eligible expense therefore, it can be paid for via an HSA/FSA. Please note, claims may not be submitted to insurance when HSA/FSA is being used.

Do I have unlimited messaging with providers between appointments?

Yes, you do have unlimited messaging! Think of unlimited messaging as an easy and quick way to chat with your doctor and nutritionist. We typically get back to our patients within 48 hours for most inquiries.

Can I choose my doctor/nutritionist?

Yes, based on availability you are free to choose your doctor. Just make sure to ask your care manager when signing up and we'll make it possible.

What's the cancellation policy?

You may cancel anytime after your first 30 days. The initial setup fee of $199 for the first 30 days is non-refundable. If you have any questions or are looking to cancel your membership, please get in touch at:

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