how it works

Treating the root cause,
not the symptom.

Healthcare at Index is personalized. We go deep to understand your lifestyle, your family history and how your body works from the inside out, to help you be the best version of yourself—everyday.

How it works.

Step 01

Getting to know you.

We start by getting to know you and your health goals. We'll then conduct in-depth lab work to understand how your body works. Our interview and tests reveal things like your food intolerances, cognitive and hormonal health as well as the state of your immune system.
Step 02

Get a personalized health-plan.

Once we have that information, our medical team builds a personalized health-plan for you. The health-plan optimizes your health to help you feel great, to help you be more focused and to help you get more stuff done while taking on the day's challenges with a the sharpest version of your body and mind.
Step 03

Continuously working with you.

Our medical team will then work with you on an ongoing basis, testing, tracking and adapting your health-plan in order to get you to your peak health state, so that you can feel radically bettereveryday.

Why our patients love us.

Productivity boost.

Feel sharper, rested, energetic and more focused on the challenges of the day.

Nutrition & supplement plans—for your body.

A health-plan made up of supplements, nutrition and lifestyle advice, designed for you.

Preventive medicine.

Decrease the likelihood of getting sick or feeling unwell and increase the chance of staying healthy and feeling great—everyday.

Regular follow-ups.

Regular telemedicine follow ups and health-plan adaptations. Get access to your doctor for feedback, advice and checkups.

Urgent care.

Get telemedicine appropriate urgent care, right from your bed.

Lab discounts.

Get substantially discounted lab tests, or fully included in your Index Membership.

What our patients get.

Our only measure of success is your health and satisfaction. Our staff does everything it can to make sure that we give you enough attention to make sure that your health is improving and that you're feeling great, every single day.
Same or next day appointments
Personalized health plan
Appointments start on time
Virtual care
Time with your doctor
> 45 min
Avg. 10-15 min
Urgent care
Email your doctor
New and adapt health plans every 3 months
Recurring lab work and analysis

Treating the person vs. treating the symptoms.

Index provides individualized medical care that focuses on discovering the underlying factors that cause the symptoms that affect your health and your daily performance. Using personalized medicine, we treat the body as an integrated whole in order to treat the specific imbalance or disease. That’s why we look to define the root cause of health problems, by conducting advanced lab tests. This helps us identify what’s working in your body and what’s not. We then build a health plan to help you reach your health goals based on how your body functions.

Traditional Doctors

Disease centered, one-size-fits-all approach
Your body parts operate independently from each other
Your genes are your destiny
Health is the absence of disease
Pathology focused, symptom management
Disease focused
Pharmaceutical based
Treating the symptom


Patient centered, personalized approach
The body operates as an integrated, holistic system
Let’s work on what affects your genes
Health is about vitality
Individual focused, health optimization
Prevention focused
Lifestyle & nutrition based
Finding the root cause

What we focus on.

Physical and Cognitive Optimization (Biohacking)

For those who want to be able to perform at their absolute best, we offer incredibly advanced lab options (including detailed genetic evaluations). This deep dive understanding identifies the weak links in your body that are preventing you from being the best version of yourself—everyday.

We use the same technology that is commonly used amongst professional athletes in the NBA, NFL or NHL.

Cognitive Health / Dementia Risk

We take a "whole body" approach, analyzing how all the systems in your body are impacting your brain.

Examples of this include looking at your toxic load (heavy metals, mold, gut imbalances) and how your environment is affecting you.

We look at food allergies that can cause brain fog, anxiety, and insomnia while addressing key nutritional deficiencies that alter cognitive performance.

Immune Health

We recognize that with any infection, there is a pathogen (virus, bacteria, etc.) and a host (your body). 

By using advanced laboratory panels, we can look at any "weak spots" within your immune system and put together an individualized treatment plan that aims to optimize your immune health.

We know that immune health is linked to gut health, and gut health is linked to what we eat. That's why we start there and then customize a plan specifically for you.

Metabolic Syndrome / Obesity

Through lifestyle, nutrition, and targeted supplementation, we address contributors to metabolic syndrome and obesity (insulin, hormones, digestive health, inflammation). 

We are far more successful at treating these conditions because we deal with the deeper, root issues that keep your metabolism from functioning properly. 


The goal of treating dyslipidemia is to avoid other related diseases like atherosclerosis in your heart, "heart attacks", stroke, and peripheral arterial disease. 

We know that things like excessive amounts of sugar, processed carbohydrates, inflammatory fats, and detoxifying vegetables play enormous roles.  In light of that, we conduct a thorough intake of all the factors that could be causing your dyslipidemia and guide you on the best path towards reducing your risk factors. 

Diabetes / Pre-diabetes

Using personalized medicine, many diabetics find that their need for medication decreases and some are even able to get off of medications completely.

We make it a point to screen anyone who is at risk for diabetes and with advanced labs, we can see changes 15-20 years before someone actually becomes diabetic. 

Are you ready to take control of your health? 

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