Discover and treat the root cause of your health issues in 5 steps.

When you join Index Health, you're cared for by a team of doctors, nutritionists, and care managers - all working with you to achieve your optimal health.

Step 01

Be truly heard by your care team.

Week 01

Meet your care team.

Meet your care manager.

When you join Index Health, your care manager will help you get successfully onboarded by uploading previous labs, filling our questionnaires about your health history, inputting insurance information, and scheduling your first appointment.

Meet your doctor.

After successfully onboarding, it will take on average 9 days to schedule your first doctor appointment. During your first 60 minute consultation, you'll discuss your concerns, long-term goals, and health history to identify which specialized labs to order.

“Never before have I spent so much time talking with a doctor. He obviously cares about his patients and explains complex issues very clearly.”

Michael - September 2021

Step 02

Discover the why behind your symptoms.

Month 01

Lab testing.

Get your labs drawn.

After your first doctor’s appointment, you will have your personalized labs ordered. Labs can come in different forms: specialized kits that are mailed to you and completed in the comfort of your own home, blood work that is drawn by a phlebotomist who comes to your home, or blood work that is drawn at a local lab.

Receive results.

Once the results are in, your doctor will message you with an update to arrange the next appointment to discuss your results in depth.

“They do the necessary tests to dig deeper into your health.”

Elisa - October 2021

Step 03

Start healing what’s been holding you back.

Month 02

Advanced planning.

Get a personalized plan from your doctor.

The labs will help your doctor explain what root causes may be causing your health concerns. Your entire care team will leverage all this data and create a completely personalized plan for you that involves lifestyle and nutrition changes, and at times adding in targeted top quality supplements.

Meet your nutritionist.

Once you have your personalized plan, you will meet with your nutritionist to go over the nutrition plan with you.

“I like the clinic's approach of addressing nutrition and lifestyle, which empowers the patient.”

Member - September 2021

Step 04

Feel like you again, this time for good.

Month 03-06

See your progress.

Feel improvements & achieve your goals.

With ongoing support, tracking, and by following your personalized plan you will start to achieve your short-term health goals. Keep striving for progress!

Lab tracking.

We like to back your progress with data. On one side you will see symptom improvements, and on the other, you will see real progress in health goal specific lab tests.

“My daughter found Index Health and had wonderful success, now our entire family is using Index Health.”

Member - October 2021

Step 05

Unlimited messaging & continuous support.

Month 06-12

Set new goals.

Proactive appointments & ongoing adjustments.

Your body changes over time, so you deserve a plan that adapts. Your care team will fine-tune your health plan to maximize your progress and prevention.

Continuous support.

We take pride in being a support team for you. That's why we offer unlimited secure messaging and follow-up appointments giving you a direct connection to your care team.

"I think what Index Health is doing is truly the future of medicine. Nutritional medicine, whole body is what I have been looking for and found with Index Health."

Rachel - September 2021

12 month membership.

Here’s what’s included in a year:

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5 clinician visits (60 min each)
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3 nutritionist visits
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Access to advanced lab testing
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100% personalized treatment plan
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Unlimited messaging
per month

Just $6 per day.
That’s a take-away coffee.

Try first 30 days for $149
Cancel anytime after the first 30 days

Clear costs. Great care.

Become an Index Health member today and get a long-term partner dedicated to preventing disease and getting you to optimal health.

Friends & family discount

Give the gift of optimal health.

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On Fridays, between 9:00am - 3:00pm.

asked questions.

Where is Index Health available?

At the current time, Index Health is only available through telemedicine in the states of Florida, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. All from the comfort of your home.

Stay tuned for updates on new availabilities across the USA and abroad. Follow us on social media for updates: @IndexHealthUSA

What's included when I become a patient?

We recommend following our highly rated health program that includes 5 physician visits, and 3 nutritionist visits, which has shown to deliver the best outcomes for our patients.

In addition to the above, as an Index Health patient, you'll receive the following:

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A personalized plan (nutrition, lifestyle, supplements, targeted medication if need be, and a plan to get off of medication).
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Access to advanced lab tests with advanced diagnostic capabilities.
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Unlimited messaging.
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Discounted rates for supplements.
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Curated content for your health goals.

You can schedule a free call with an Index Health Care Manager to learn more.

Does Index Health accept insurance, Medicare or Medicaid?

Yes, we accept out-of-network insurance for our services. Schedule a call here - You can check what your Out-Of-Network deductible is.

Labs are typically covered by your insurance and are not included in the Index Health membership.

What is Out-Of-Network?

Think of Out-Of-Network as the opposite of In-Network, for your insurance company.

An Out-Of-Network provider is a provider that is not directly contracted with your insurance company. As an Out-Of-Network provider, we are able to submit a claim with your insurance company so that you can reimbursed a certain amount of money for the fees paid to Index Health.

The amount reimbursable depends on your insurance plan's deductible, whether your plan will reimburse you for Out-Of-Network services, and other factors. Index Health cannot guarantee reimbursement from your insurance company.

Not sure about the details of your plan? No problem! We can help for free.
You can schedule a free call with an Index Health advisor so that you can find out more information about your insurance plan's coverage, and how much you’ll potentially be reimbursed.
Schedule a call here.

Can I use my HSA/FSA to pay for Index Health?

Yes. Index Health is considered a medically eligible expense therefore, it can be paid for via an HSA/FSA.
Please note, claims may not be submitted to insurance when HSA/FSA is being used.

Do I have unlimited messaging with providers between appointments?

Yes, you do have unlimited messaging! Think of unlimited messaging as an easy and quick way to chat with your doctor and nutritionist. We typically get back to our patients within 48 hours for most inquiries.

Can I choose my doctor/nutritionist?

Yes, based on availability you are free to choose your doctor. Just make sure to ask your care manager when signing up and we'll make it possible.

What's the cancellation policy?

You may cancel anytime after your first 30 days.
The initial setup fee of $149 for the first 30 days is non-refundable.

If you have any questions or are looking to cancel your membership, please get in touch at

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