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Dr. Matthew D Taylor

Clinical Expertise.

Cardiometabolic, Gastrointestinal Health, Functional Immunology, Anxiety & Depression, Genomics

  • IFM Certified Practitioner
  • American Board of Family Medicine Certified
  • ReCODE 2.0 Certified
  • Advanced genomics
  • Cellular medicine and senescence
  • Clinical trauma and stress studies
  • National Lipidologist Association
Why I practice at Index Health.

Blessed to be part of the Index Health team, contributing both to individuals' healing journeys and to a vision for excellence in precision lifestyle medicine.

Training Institutions.
  • Functional Medicine - Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Physician
  • Residency - Family Medicine, University of Maryland Medical Center
  • Medical school - Medical Doctor degree, Wayne State University School of Medicine
five blue rating stars

[...] Dr. Taylor is not a pill pusher with only 15 minutes to spare before rushing you out the office door. After the labs were finished, he spent more than 90 minutes on teleconference with me, with charts and colored values, to explain my health challenges in ways I had never known existed. [...]

Tina Paulsen

five blue rating stars

I finally found answers thanks to Dr. T. Thanks to Dr. T, we’ve discovered the root cause of my health issues after the first set of labs! Now that we’re addressing the true cause of my symptoms, I feel excited about my future for the first time in decades because I can see a future that isn't marred by illness. [...]

Jennay Vardigan

five blue rating stars

[...] Dr. Taylor is knowledgeable, a great listener and empathetic. Dr. Taylor was able discover reasons for my allergies and bloating using recommended testing and food recommendations has reduced my symptoms. My health has improved and I will continue to see Dr. Taylor. Thank you. [...]

Adina Hodge

five blue rating stars

[...] Dr. Taylor is amazing and for the first time I actually felt heard and understood by someone who actually wanted to help me instead of make money off of me. Together we’re working on the core issues that in my case, stem from being under a high amount of stress for years on end. [...]

Cristina Munoz

Our nutritionists.

Shawna Kunselman


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